RISE:  RNA Interactome from Sequencing Experiments

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RISE is a comprehensive repository of RNA-RNA interactions. The interactions mainly come from recent transcriptome-wide sequencing-based experiments like PARIS, SPLASH, LIGRseq, and MARIO, and targeted studies like RIAseq, RAP-RNA, and CLASH. RISE also includes interactions aggregated from other (primary) databases and publications.

The RISE database currently contains 328,811 RNA-RNA interactions mainly in three species. It features 292,850 interactions involving messenger and long non-coding RNAs.


RISE: a database of RNA Interactome from Sequencing Experiments.

Jing Gong+, Di Shao+, Kui Xui, Zhipeng Lu, Zhi John Lu, Yucheng T. Yang*, Qiangfeng Cliff Zhang*

Citation file

* Publication on 4th October 2017 on NAR database issue.

* RISE 1.0 released in August 2017.


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